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Modified on Thu, 26 Jan 2023 at 02:26 PM

I set up my new account, but all the products still have prices. What’s going on?

The promotion asks that you first set up an account and then wait for your invitation to pick a free item. This invitation will come by email and will likely arrive within the next two weeks. When you receive it, you’ll log into your Customer Portal account and you’ll clearly see the free items available.

I created an account, but can’t recall my password.

Go to the login screen and use the Forgot Password link. These recovery emails are not encountering the same delays as confirmation emails so you should be able to update the password and enter your account.

I verified my account back at the start of the month, but the site was taken offline before I could pick my item. Now I am logged in but don’t see free items.

It’s great that you created an account and can access it. For those Customers that couldn’t make a selection, we’re opening up free item ordering in waves. When it’s your turn to pick your item, you’ll get an email from At that time, log into your account and you’ll clearly see a graphic inviting you to pick an item.

Does my Canadian Customer need to create their account on my website to get their free item?  

Customer accounts do work seamlessly across different Rep websites, and customers can move between Markets. But for this promotion, Customers will need to set up their account at a Canadian shop to complete their free item selection on a Canadian shop.

But, don't worry. If a Customer accidentally created their account on a US shop, they'll just need a little help from CS to correct it.


I shared a link to my shop, but people are seeing a blank page. What’s going on?

There’s likely something wrong with your link. This has been reported more frequently with links shared (not copied and pasted) via Social Media or channels that may append tracking data to the end of the link. 

Be sure your link follows this structure: for the US and for Canada.

The direct link to create an account should look like this if you’re based in the US:

How do I select my free item?

Due to the high volume of orders we had on January 2nd, our system took a bit of time to sync orders. We will now start allowing customers who created an account during the qualifying time and has not been able to select their item to do so. To help our system not get backed up again, we will be doing this in waves. If you have not received an email yet to select your free item, you will be on a future wave very soon! Please look out for that email. We appreciate your patience!

Here is a video tutorial on how to select your free item:


What is the status of my free item?

We are allowing customers to select their free items in groups to help our system not get backed up. Customers will be sorted in waves based on when they created their customer account. You should be receiving an email very soon to select your free item!

I am not able to log into my account!

Please make sure that you are logging into the correct country site. You can switch between the country sites by clicking this drop down in the top right corner on desktop.

To switch your store view on a mobile device, click the three horizontal lines menu button in the top right corner then by clicking the drop down.

If you are not sure what country you created your account for, please open a ticket with the Customer Support team and please include your email. Our team will be able to confirm what country your signed up for and can assist with switching your account to a new country if it was created under the incorrect one.

Why was I charged for my free item?

If you were charged for your free item, please open a ticket to the Customer Support team including your order number. 

Please make sure that it is your turn to pick your item. You can verify if it is your turn by logging into your customer portal account. If you do not have this graphic in your account view, you will be included in a future wave to pick your item soon!

Please also make sure that you are selecting your free item by clicking on the "Pick My Item" button. The qualifying items will reflect as $0.

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