More FAQs for Canadian Customers

Modified on Thu, 26 Jan 2023 at 10:42 AM

How can I confirm I am on my new Canadian website? 

  • At the top of your website on a desktop computer, the market selection dropdown is on the top, right.
  • Make sure before you share a link, that you see "Canada-English" or Canada - Français". If you see, US - English, change it.
  • On mobile, the market can be found inside the menu, just above "New Arrivals."

Mobile view: See market choice in pop-out menu. 

Desktop view. See market choice in top, right.

Does my Canadian Customer need to create their account on my website to get their free item? 

Unfortunately, we shared some incorrect information on this topic in yesterday's FAQ, so let us clarify:

  • Customer accounts do work seamlessly across different Rep websites, and customers can move between Markets. But for this promotion, Customers will need to set up their account at a Canadian shop to complete their free item selection on a Canadian shop.

  • But, don't worry. If a Customer accidentally created their account on a US shop, they'll just need a little help from CS to correct it.


How can my Customer know if they created their account in the correct market?

  • Have them refer back to their account confirmation email. 

  • If they set the account up in the Canadian market, the subject of their confirmation email would read, "Please confirm your Zyia Active Canada Ltd account."

  • However, if they created their account in the US Market, the subject would read, "Please confirm your Zyia Active account."


What should I do if my Canadian Customer created their account in the US Market?

  • Please contact our Customer Support Team. 

  • Include your Customer's name, email address, and correct market. Our team can fix their market assignment so their account is ready when we invite Canadians to pick their free item. 

  • There is no need for the Customer to make a second account.


When will the first batch of Canadian Customers from January 2 be able to select their free item? 

  • We anticipate this invitation process beginning for Canada on Monday, January 23. 

  • Accounts created on January 2 will get the first invitations. 

  • Accounts created afterward will be invited in waves over the next two weeks. 

  • This invitation for eligible customers to choose their free item will come by email. Once they receive the email from, they will have 24-hours to make their selection.


How can I keep more customers from signing up for an account in the wrong market?

  • Make sure any link you share includes your shop name and the Canadian market designation. 

  • Teach your Customers to spot your image and name at the top of your shop. 

  • Teach your Customers how to check if they're in the correct Market while shopping.

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