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Posted about 1 month ago by Lexi Hobbs

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Lexi Hobbs
Lexi Hobbs Admin

Chats for the US and Canada will close at 4 pm PST each day temporarily while we dedicate our focus to tickets. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Our ticket portal is open 24/7. Please feel free to OPEN A TICKET with Customer Support. Ticket processing time is approximately 2 business days.

Our phone lines will remain open until 7pm PST.

US Customer Support: (435) 383-5263

Canada Customer Support: (888) 334-1030

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Lexi Hobbs

Lexi Hobbs posted about 1 month ago Admin

And we are back!

Chats for the US and Canada are back to our regular business hours!

Chat with US and Canadian Customer Support Monday-Friday 6am-8pm MST and Saturdays 9am-4pm MST.

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