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1. How do I create an event?

To create an event—also called a party—log into your Back Office and click “Events” on the left, then under “New Events,” select the type of event. Then follow the prompts to enter in the event details. 

If you are not a representative and would like to host an event, please contact your representative.

2. How do I close a party?

To close a party log into your Back Office and click on “Events” on the left, then click “Edit” next to the event you wish to close. Click “Start Host Rewards Order” on the right. Follow the prompts as it asks you to confirm the host’s information. Finally, you’ll be prompted to enter in your host’s order.

3. How does a host apply their credits towards a Starter Kit?

After you click “Start Host Rewards Order” and are confirming the host’s information, the last field is, “Host Credits Toward Enrollment.” This is where you will enter in the amount of your host credits that they’d like to use towards a Starter Kit. Once you have placed the host’s order, they will receive an email with a link to enroll. When he or she uses the link to enroll, the system will automatically deduct their designated host credit amount toward their starter kit.

4. What is the minimum number of orders necessary to close out a party?

We require a minimum of 3 orders in an event to qualify for host credit benefits, and a minimum of $200 USD,  $260 CAD, or $280 AUD of sales in the party depending on the country the event is set up for. Please keep in mind that returns processed on any orders within the event may deduct from the event.

5. Help, I was kicked out of the party before I was done.

If you lose your connection in the middle of submitting your party, or you selected the "Start Host Rewards Order" button too soon, the party order is placed in your pending orders. To reopen the party or finish the order, log into your Back Office and select "Place an Order." Then scroll down to the bottom the page to locate the order with the correct Party ID number (located at left). Then select Continue (at right) to complete the order.

6. Can I Reopen a Party?

If you decide that you are not actually ready to close your party, you may reopen it by going to the "Place an Order" screen. Scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see pending orders. Click the “+” icon at left, and select “cancel.”

7. What if the “Start Host Rewards Order” Button for my Party isn’t Showing?

If the “Start Host Rewards Order” button is not showing, check the following

Go to “Place an Order” and scroll down to the bottom of the page. This is where your pending orders are located. If you clicked the “Start Host Rewards Order” button once before, it creates a pending order. To get the “Start Host Rewards Order” button back you will need to locate the pending order with the correct Event ID number. Click on the order and delete it.

If you do not have a pending order, then you will want to go to your “Events” tab and select the event you need to close. Select “Edit,” then “Details” at the top. Make sure that your "Is Closed" box is not checked. You party must be open in order to close it and redeem the host rewards. If that box is checked, un-check it and scroll to the bottom and select “Save and Continue.”

8. Can I use my host credits to cover the remaining balance of my half-off item?

When using Host rewards you cannot combine host half-off items and host credits together toward the same item. Each reward must be used on separate items.

9. Can I use my half-off rewards now, then save my host credits for a later date?

When redeeming your rewards and placing the party order, you will need to use all your rewards at that time. Otherwise they will no longer be available. Once a party order for that event is placed, the party is officially closed and host rewards expire.

10. Can my US Parties be combined with my Canadian or Australian Parties?

No, they are treated as two completely separate Parties and sets of rewards.

11. Can I have a US host for a Canadian or Australian Party or vice versa?


12. How many host rewards can a host earn?

In the United States

Party Sales
Host Credits
50% Off Items
$2,000 USD +
$300 USD
$1,000 USD
$150 USD
$600 USD
$65 USD
$200 USD
$20 USD

In Canada

Party Sales
Host Credits
50% Off Items
$2,600 CAD +
$390 CAD
$1,300 CAD
$195 CAD
$780 CAD
$85 CAD
$260 CAD
$26 CAD

In Australia

Party Sales
Host Credits
50% Off Items
$2,800 AUD +
$420 AUD
$1,400 AUD
$210 AUD
$840 AUD
$91 AUD
$280 AUD
$28 AUD

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