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If after reviewing the FAQs and you are not seeing your answer, please OPEN A TICKET with Customer Support. This way our team can best obtain the essential information to assist.


1. How do I place an order through my Back Office?

To place an order through your Back Office, click “Place an Order” on the left. Then in the top left under “Place An Order” you’ll select the type of order you are placing. Customer Non-party orders should only be used for gift certificates. Customer non-party orders cannot be placed under party events. Personal orders are where you will receive your representative discount. After you select your order type, then simply follow the prompts to input your customer’s information.

2. How do I edit or cancel my order?

Because we use electronic warehousing to offer the fastest shipping turnaround, we can’t guarantee we will be able to make adjustments to orders or cancel any orders, but we will try our very best. We would suggest reaching out to Customer Support as soon as you receive your order number for further assistance.

3. Why have I not received my order number yet?

Order numbers may be delayed while generating through the queue during high volume times and may take up to a few hours during this time. If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to Customer Support.

4. Does ZYIA accept Paypal, Afterpay, Visa Gift Cards, etc?

At this time we currently only accept major credit cards and electronic ZYIA Active Gift Certificates. Please note that our Canada site does not accept Mastercard. We do not accept pre-paid cards.

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